Tuesday, December 20, 2016

(StarCraft II) Clash Report

I have a treat for all of you guys who love playing StarCraft II.
I have created something for you to watch/listen during the last Intel Extreme Masters - StarCraft.

Please view below for what I call a "Clash Report" of the recent StarCraft II tournament:

Why should I vie for a Clash Report - StarCraft?
- You can learn about the recent tournament.
- Learn about StarCraft II.
- Learn about the strategies used in StarCraft(other tournaments would be available too [LoL, Dota2, etc..]).

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Magic The Gathering (マジック:ザ・ギャザリング in Japanese)

How to play Magic The Gathering:

What concepts are required?
- need at least 2 players
- the 2 players are battling each other to become the ultimate planeswalker
- need to imagine that you are a Wizard/Sorcerer with 20 life
- your spells/magic are contained within your "DECK" (consists of 60 cards)
- example spells include: creating bears, monsters, rats etc...

What do I need those bears, rats, monsters for?
- you'll be needing those monsters to defeat your enemy

How do I defeat my enemy in Magic The Gathering?
- you defeat your enemy by reducing their life to 0(zero or negative).
- for example: you created (using spells) a rat (with 3 damage) and you attacked with your rats to damage your enemy to 17 life.

Is it that easy to create/cast spells (monsters)?
- In order to create/cast spells(monsters), you have to have "MANA" 
- a "MANA" is like money that you have to pay when you buy something.
- but generally, a "MANA" is a magical energy that comes from the environment.

- your enemy can also create rats, monsters, etc... on their turn.

So how to I get that "MANA" to create/cast my rat monsters?
- you can get that by playing a "LAND" card. (you play land cards by putting cards into play from hand)
- just like a game of poker, you have an intial (7 cards) in hand and you play them from time to time to defeat your enemy.
- so remember this, Magic The Gathering is like "POKER" with a twist.
- so you have to draw and draw from your "DECK" to get those magic spells.

But there's more to Magic The Gathering than what's given in this tutorial; you can even create "LIGHTNING BOLTS" that can destroy your enemy monsters dead or damage your enemy.. and many more! Casting Artifacts, Enchantments, etc... and even control enemy monsters.

Till next time...
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